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In a legally distinct school of witchcraft and wizardry, something is wrong with the girls' staircase. It’s enchanted to keep boys out, but now it seems to be keeping the girls out too. Or is it? 

Join Thara Min, and her best friend Clara on this short cute story about identity and acceptance, and validation!

Submitted for the Trans Wizards are Wizards game bundle, all proceeds go to supporting LGBTQ creators.

Art by Sidhe Ilustra: https://www.behance.net/sidhe_ilustra

Writing and Programming by Kay Wolf: https://screen-savor-studios.itch.io/

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(11 total ratings)
AuthorsSidhe, ScreenSavorStudios
GenreVisual Novel
Tagschibi, Cute, Kinetic Novel, LGBT, One-shot, Short, Singleplayer, Transgender, witchcraft, Wizards
Average sessionA few seconds


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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Ah lovely! I remember someone bringing up this possible scenario in a social media post somewhere--whether that was you, you were inspired by that, or it's an independent invention, it's delightful that you've run with the idea!

Two typos to report, both in the final 10-20% of the story:

  • A line reading "Thanks, Sis." is captioned as being delivered by "MC3Happy_Eyes_Closed"
  • Aforementioned Sis shortly afterward says "why did it have to school prankster?" which is, I think, missing a "be the"

A delightful short story full of acceptance and validation. All fictional wizard schools should strive for this level of support for their students! :)

(1 edit) (+5)

Very fun exploration of the implications of fantasy and reality meeting one another.

Honestly half-expected the stairs to be transphobic, I'd say this story was better.


Third product this has ever happened to me on, seems Itch can't find what it is supposed to let me download or something such...?

i have the same problem

Hi, are you downloading through Itch.io's app? I advise trying to download the files through the website, it may be an app issue.


We have resolved the issue and the game is fully compatible with the app. :)  Thank you for your patience.

Woot woot! Thank ye! Can only imagine what problem must've been.

Hi, are you downloading through Itch.io's app? I advise trying to download the files through the website, it may be an app issue.


This actually brought me to tears. It was so cute and sweet. I love how they did not force Clarence to do anything he was not comfortable with, and I also love how well they all handled it. It was just a very organic, sweet little story<3


I loved this game! Very cute writing and art. And the name puns!!


A short, cute game about acceptance and love, and I'm here for it.  10/10 

(9 edits) (+3)

This was an absolutely adorable game! I kept laughing out loud throughout at the little jokes that were placed throughout and it really showed just how close all these characters were.

Spoilers Below

The situation with who could be a boy was never blown out of proportion and I really loved that. And then when the group found out who it was... AHHH!!! I got emotional ;~; It was so heartwarming to see them all accept him for who he was and I hope the best for him! 

The credits picture also got me. Seeing all the pride merch and the ace flag was so nice and validating, as an ace person myself.  God. This was just so good!!! <3 <3 <3


Thank you so much for the comment! Kay's writing is amazing, isn't it? 

So glad you enjoyed our little game.